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alice smartcity platform
Smart City solution consists of 15-25 sub-platforms. and such platforms are interconnected and being operated and managed by the overall management solution.
Alice is total Management platform for Smart city and other related Smart solutions.
The platform supports applications such as Smart City (Smart city Surveillance; Smart Traffic, Smart Health Careā€¦) / Smart Bld. / Smart Campus / Smart Factories / Smart Home/ Weather Sensors, Wearable and IOT devices / Energy &Water & Waste, etc. and Integrated Control & Management center solution.
Applications are developed for the goal of improving the urban flows and allowing for real time responses against numerous challenges.
The final goal of Alice is handling all the data as a Big data, and analysis it to make a new data for prediction and prevention in other to make better city and support better life citizens.
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  • ITS-Intelligent Traffic System
  • 3rd Translator System
  • Street Lighting System
  • Smart Silver Care System
  • RimeTalk
  • Energy Management System
  • Total SMS System
  • Water Level Mornitering System
  • Digital Signage System
  • IOT Environment Sensor Monitering
  • Video Send Management System
  • Video Management System
  • Network Management System
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