smartcitykorea Products

secu security experience

Linux based VMS( Support Window based compile)

Multi-venders cameras & infinity camera connection

Web-based all related servers status monitoring NMS supported

Mobile phone video & Drone camera video recording

Mobile phone video pushing service with live camera

Other monitoring center connection & camera image sharing

Integrated with Alice Platform, supports interface to Parking control system, Access Control system, IoT sensor data, and other solutions

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1. Multi floating window support – Using Search viewer with Live viewer at the same time.
2. Multi partial zoom-in for live video with multi new live windows.
3. Various events management and integration handling.
4. Quick search with video Thumbnail function.
5. Live video windows on the e-Map or Google Map.
6. Powerful user log-history searching list support.
7. Effective integrated with VCA, People counting, Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, etc. 3rd engine servers.
8. Optimized video face masking, and video extract backup management tool supports for protecting private right.
9. Support long term storage strategy with same picture quality not to be forged or be alteration, but the file size is reduced 2 out of 3 from original file size.