smartcitykorea solutions

Smart Home IoT

This system provides optimized energy saving and surveillance camera service with intelligent and IoT connected service by wall pad and mobile devices.

system diagram

Smart Environment

This system consists of various weather such as anemometern, rain detector, temperature, humidity, wind vane, rain gauge with data logger and solar cell for measuring all environmental conditions.

system diagram

Smart Disposal

Smart garbage bins Internet of Things (IoT) based integrated end-to-end to collection vehicles system for efficient monitoring and management.

system diagram

Smart Street lighting

This street light adjusts an intensity of illumination automatically according to the motion detecting of pedestrian, object movement and traffic condition, and even by sunlight. Besides this light system can offer security Zone with built-in WIFI, emergency button, alarm lamp and CCTV camera.

system diagram

Smart Interactive Digital Signage

This system provides useful information at right places by fully connecting to people, process, data and events via mobile, LED/projection screen in the street.

system diagram